Episode 258

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Stogie Geeks #258

Recorded January 15, 2017 at G-Unit Studios in Rhode Island!

Interview: Jake Healey, Ale House Cigar Bar

Jake Healey is a representative of the Ale House Cigar Bar in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. Jake takes pride in providing a cozy, home-like atmosphere in his shop that stogie aficionados can call home. Jake Healey began working at Ale House shortly after its opening in 2013. Jake has studied the craft of cigar blending and manufacturing under some of the most notorious names in the business. He regularly attends events and conventions to stay on top of the latest innovations in the industry and maintain Ale House’s relationships with top cigar companies. These relationships insure that the humidor at Ale House is always stocked with the latest and greatest cigars from all over the world. While he enjoys all strength levels and flavor profiles, his favorites include the Debonaire Habano and Arturo Fuente Don Carlos blends. Also a whisky enthusiast, Jake’s beverages of choice include the Dalmore brand of scotch and Jameson Irish Whiskey in all its variations.

Jake's Top 10 of 2017

1.Esteban Carrera Mr. Brownstone

  Full bodied flavor bomb- similar to T52 Liga. Great Presentation, good flavor, great price point. tight roll but great draw.

2.Highclere Castle

  Mild with a ton of flavor-not boring! Worth the price to get a mild stick that actually has some flavor due to brazilian binder and
  fillers from 2 regions of nicaragua plus a new hybrid seed (nicadan)

3.Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

  AHC exclusive until IPCPR, smoother darker version of prensado.

4.La Aurora ADN

  Andullo filler makes the difference-love it or hate it.

5.Pappy Tradition Belicoso Fino

  Medium all the way-sweet and delicious from willy herrera (ecuadorean habano oscuro wrap)
  made during willys drew trial period and used exclusively for the van winkle family until now

6.Debonaire Daybreak

  Phil does it again! Easy mild smoke great with morning coffee especially in the first degree size- great small ring toro

7.Undercrown Sungrown Flying Pig

  Perfect construction on size-Mild/Medium strength but with a little kick

8.El Gueguense Maduro

  Corona Gorda is my size- Sweet and creamy version of the natural with all the flavor (nutmeg/cinnamon). San andreas maduro wrap.

9.Esteban Carrera Covenant Maduro

  Creamy, smooth medium maduro

10.Davidoff 702

  Ecuadorean wrapper to replace connecticut (prices went up on ct) great medium smoke

Stogie Geeks Segment: - 2:00pm-2:45pm

JOE D'S TOP 10 OF 2017 (With my Rep Hat on)

1. Dunbarton Tobacoo & Trust - Muestra De Saka- NACATAMALE

2. Caldwell/Booth- Hit and Run- Corona

3. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust- Todas Las Dias- Double Wide Belicoso

4. L'Atelier- Idenite Melange- Special No. 2

5. Crux- PB5- Toro Extra

6. Drew Estate- Florida Sun Grown- Toro

7. MLB Ventures- David P. Ehrlich- Toro

8. AJ Fernandez- New World Connecticut- Corona Gorda

9. Avo- Syncro Ritmo- Torpedo Largo

10. Foundation- The Upsetters- Django

JOE D'S TOP 10 OF 2017 (Without my Rep Hat on)

1. Southern Draw- Rose of Sharon- Toro

2. Serino Royale- Medio- Robusto Gordo

3. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust- Muestra De Saka- NACATAMALE

4. Caldewell/Booth- Hit and Run- Corona

5. Southern Draw- Jacobs Ladder- Robusto

6. Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust- Todos Las Dias-Double Wide Belicoso

7. Cornelius & Anthony- Aerial- Robusto

8. L'Atelier- Idenite Melange- Special No 2

9. Crux- PB5-Toro Extra

10. Drew Estate- Florida Sun Grown- Toro

Stogies of the Week - 2:45pm-3:30pm

Joe Hollywood's Stogies

  1. Montecristo Espada- 6 x 50 Guard
  3. Manolo Estate Habano Serie 32
  4. Rancho Luna Robusto Maduro
  5. Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial 5 5/8 x 45

Joe D's Stogies


Nicaraguan Puro

  • All Nicaraguan

6.5 X 48 Clementes

$9.50 4 Sizes 25 count except for the smallest offering Lagunas 4.5 X 42 (50 count)

-Notes of Marshmellow and Nuttyness. Most of pepper is no longer present years later

Fume D'Amour translates into "Smoke of Life"

Debuted at the 2014 IPCPR by owner Dion Giolito

Really enjoyable, no maintenance cigar, perfect burn

Medium in strength, probably strong when it first came out



Mexican San Andres Wrapper

American Binder

Nicaraguan Filler

5 X 50 Robusto

$9.75 4 sizes 20 count box

Notes of pepper, earth and subtle sweetness, campfire wood in back 2/3

Debuted at the 2017 IPCPR

Senor Esugars named after owner Steven Bailey's dog Mr. Sugar

Made in Esteli, Nicaragua at La Zona by Erik Espinosa

Medium Plus in strength



Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper

Brazialian Mata Fina Binder

Liga Provada trimmings as the filler

4.5 X 44 Short Corona (wooden sleeve and pigtail)

$6 Tins of 4

Notes of BBQ wood, pepper, spice and earth

Smoked to the nub, perfect driving in the car cigar or limited time

Complex flavors in such a small cigar

Medium to Medium Plus



Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro Wrapper

Nicaraguan Habano Binder

Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian Filler

4.75 X 40 X 56 Short Salamon Snub Nose

$11.25 12count boxes 18count 2sizes

First debuted at the 2015 IPCPR, limited release, initially had a San Andreas Wrapper

Notes of Earth, Pepper, Expresso and Chocolate

Had to cut the tip twice via my V-cut to allow it to breathe right

Founded by James Brown and made at Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua

Medium Plus in strength



Natural Wrapper

Undisclosed binder and filler

4 X 50 Petite Poemas

$20 Jars of 25

Notes of Spice, Butterscotch, Clean Tobacco and Light Pepper

Leaves your palate clean afterwards

The last 1/3 ended a bit harsh on the tounge

Falls under the United Cigar tree and was the brainchild of Nelson Alfonso

Medium in strength

  • 5er

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