Episode 209

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Episode 209 - November 14, 2016

This week on the Stogie Geeks Show, Fred Rewey from Nomad makes a return visit. Tom Person from Commonwealth Cedar Spills sits in with us as a Guest Host. We talk Boutiques in the Debonaire ideal - and of course, the Stogies of the Week.

6:30pm - SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show,

6:30-7:30pm - Interview: Fred Rewey, Nomad

Just over three years ago, at the urging of people in the cigar industry, I boarded a plane and headed to Dominican Republic and the small town of Tamboril. Mostly a fact-finding trip that later led me to the tobacco fields of Nicaragua. Nomad’s success is due to nothing more than learning all I can and not cutting corners

  • Work with great tobacco.
  • Blend to showcase the tobaccos greatest attributes
  • Quality construction

7:30-7:45pm - Debonaire Ideal -Why Do Enthusiasts Like Boutique

7:45-8:00pm Hot Topics

8:00pm-9:00pm - Stogies of the Week

Will's Cigars:

Tom's Cigars: