Episode 207

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Episode 207

6:30pm - SHOW START

This week on the Stogie Geeks show, we are joined by special guest co-hosts Hector Alfonso Sr., Factory Operations Director for Espinosa Cigars, and Dave Burck of Cigar Jukebox, our Debonaire Ideal we talk about Halloween Smokes, we have a special Hot Topics, and we go through our smokes of the week.

6:30-7:30pm - Interview: Hector Alfonso Sr., Espinosa Cigars

Angry. Criminal Analyst. Cigar Snob. Music Critic. Alpha Nerd. Irony Certified. I am the man, the Man goes too. Not necessarily all in this order...

7:30-7:45pm - Debonaire Ideal - Halloween Smokes

7:45-8:00pm - Special Segment - Hot Topics

8:00pm-9:00pm - Stogies of the Week

Will's Cigars:

Hector's Cigars:

Dave's Cigars: