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Intro - 8:30PM-8:35PM

This week we go unlock the Asylum with Tom Lazuka ! In the Debonaire ideal segment this week we talk music with our guest host Dave Burck, in the stogies of the week I get some Therapy while Dave comes back from La Mission.


  • Dave Burck - anna.burck
  • Tom Lazuka - Thomas.lazuka6

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  1. General Cigar - Partagas
  2. Defiant Whiskey
  3. Saga Cigars - ODD - Golden Age

Welcome everyone to the Stogie Geeks show, this is episode 157 for September 24, 2015 and I'm your host..... '

Joining us tonight, filling in for Paul we have Mr Dave Burck of Cigar Jukebox.

Interview: 8:35PM-9:20PM: Tom Interview


  1. Prior to founding Asylum Cigars, what were you doing before you got into the cigar industry and how did you get into the cigar industry
  2. What was the original concept behind Asylum Cigars? (My thoughts are Asylum is the brand under CLE that goes against the grain and does everything different)
  3. Was Asylum always a partnership with Christian Eiroa or did that happen later on?
  4. Asylum has become one of the fastest growing brands in the last five years - building up a huge amount of brands and facings. What has led to that? Also, many of the lines are regular production as opposed to limited edition - how have you managed to keep the lines going so strong
  5. Discussion around Asylum 13 ? Nicarguan - Authentic Corojo
  6. Discussion around Schizo
  7. Discussion around the Asylum Premium line. Discuss how the 4 x 44 gave Asylum its first CA rating.
  8. Discussion around the Big Sizes? Is 80 the limit? What is someone wanted you to do a 9 x 90? Have you thought of going 80 with other vitolas like a perfecto, belicoso, etc?
  9. DAVE: - Is it difficult to get the right balance of flavors in a 70 rg cigar with all that tobacco.
  10. Discussion around Ogre - originally a 70 (seems blended to a 70). Other sizes introduced. This seems to be one of the most successful barber poles released.
  11. Discussion around the Straight Jacket - what was the concept with that.
  12. Discussion around Insidious
  13. Discussion around the Asylum Dragon's Milk line? Introduced as Double Corona. Thoughts of bringing it back. Milk box packaging.
  14. Discussion around Nyctophelia -a TAA cigar
  15. Discussion around Asylum 33
  16. - Dave: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in cigars?
  17. Dave: What cigar are you most proud of?
  18. Talk about Michigan Sports
  19. What's next
  20. Five Questions (if time allows)

Debonaire Ideal: 9:250PM-10:00PM:



Discuss 5 Albums (Any Five Albums that you want to talk about that you think are great)

Stogies Of The Week 10:00PM-11:00PM



  2. Boutique Blends ODD - Aging Room - LA BOHEME
  3. MBombay


  1. KILO
  2. Tatuaje AVion 13 FF
  3. Nomad Therapy Maduro
  4. Asylum 33
  5. Casa Magna D.Magnus II TAA Exclusive Hadrian


  1. Tatuaje Federal Cigar 90th Reserva: Fight Chuck Norris
  2. Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun Toro: Box
  3. RoMa Craft Intemperance BA A.W.S.: Box Split
  4. Drew Estate KFC Chunky: Try one / Fiver
  5. L'Atelier La Mission 1989: Box Split


  • Contest question: TBD (Prize Pack 157)