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SG 101: How to light a cigar 5:00PM-5:15PM

SG 101: How to smoke a cigar 5:15-5:30PM

SG Shorts: Arturo Fuente

Regular production lines:

  • Don Carlos (Cameroon)
  • Hemmingway (All perfectos, all Cameroon reg. production)
  • Gran Reserva (Conecticut, Ecuadorian Sun Grown, Cameroon)
  • Magnum R (Rosado Sun Grown)
  • Chatue Fuente (Conecticut, Ecuadorian Sun Grown)
  • Casa Cuba (ecuadorian havana wrapper)

Semi-Regular Releases

  • Anejo
  • Opus X
  • Hemmingway Maduro
  • 858 Sun Grown

Paul's Intro - 8:20PM-8:30PM

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This week we interview Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz from MoyaRuiz Cigars, we talk about visiting cigar shops in our Debonaire ideal segment, and cover everything from fivers to fight chuck norris for em' cigars in our stogies of the week!

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Broadcasting live from G Unit Studios in Rhode Island, its the Stogie Geeks show!

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If you created the Aging Room Small Batch cigar line, the highest rated boutique cigar brands of our times -- what would you do next? Well, if you are Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends Cigars, you would combine your three most important passions of your life: Cuba, music and cigars and create a new Classic: La Bohème Cigars. La Bohème is Rafael’s take on the Golden Age of Cuban Cigars. La Bohème is a sophisticated blend of extra aged and hard to find tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. A medium bodied cigar, rich in flavors reminiscent of the island he left thirty five years ago in a small boat with his family. Why wait for the embargo to be lifted? Smoke La Bohème today. BLENDING is in our DNA .

This segment is brought to you by Saga Cigars, maker of the Saga Golden Age Cigar. The Golden Age is a cigar that takes you back to the classic days of cigar smoking. Through the six generations of experience by the Reyes family, the Saga Golden Age delivers a timeless blend that uses the nobility of the tobacco to bring you the perfect balance of power and flavor. It narrates better than words the history of a family's tradition in tobacco, delivering a cigar much like the ones they used to smoke in the times of Hemingway. Saga Golden Age is a full body, full flavor Dominican puro. With tobaccos from one farm, the blend features a Corojo 2006 wrapper and filler from original Cuban seeds grown in the Dominican Republic. Available in four sizes at an affordable price, the Saga Golden Age is sure to please and take you back on a journey to yesteryear.

Cigar Connoisseurs are already raving about this exquisite cigar which pays homage to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of tobacco during his expedition of the New World. This medium to full-bodied cigar shows off the kind of exquisite construction expected by master blender, A.J. Fernandez. This gorgeous box press cigar features a delicious, dark, chocolate Nicaraguan wrapper that houses a blend of Ometepe, Condega and Estelí filler bound with a Jalapa binder. Once lit, the perfectly balanced and refined New World gives off a beautiful billow of smoke and hits you spice and citrus flavors . As you begin to lose yourself in the rich aromas of the New World, flavors become more complex and begin to express hints of hazelnut and coffee. New World is a first time collaboration between A. J. Fernandez and his father Ismael, making this cigar stand out in the AJ Fernandez line. To commemorate the union of father and son, A.J. Fernandez is offering you, this masterpiece at an MSRP of $6, unheard of for a cigar of this caliber. A.J. Fernandez invites you to embark on the journey and smoke what he guarantees to be one of the most talked about cigars of the year, New World - Cigar Journal’s #1 Cigar of the Year.

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Welcome everyone to the Stogie Geeks show, this is episode 148 for July 9, 2015 and I'm your host Paul Asadoorian. '

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On the lines via Skype from NC it Wiiiiiiiiiill Cooper!

Interview: 8:30PM-9:30PM: Danny Moya and Nelson Ruiz, MoyaRuiz Cigars

Danny Moya: Skype ID - Jairis.moya Nelson Ruiz: TBD


  1. How did you get your start in the cigar industry?

Debonaire Ideal: 9:30PM-9:45PM:

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Paul reads:

And by Debonaire Cigars, visit www.stogiegeeks.com/debonaire for a list of retailers who carry Debonaire. Buy some today and get a little more Debonaire!

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Visiting New Cigar Shops

  • Support your Brick and Mortar stores! Its important
    • They stand behind the product, so buying them on site means they can service or exchange products there
  • Be pleasent, ask lots of questions
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What are your best selling cigars?
  • Ask about rare or hard to find cigars
  • Ask them what lines they just started carrying
  • If its a lounge and you are staying for a smoke, buy a cigar
  • Check out what other things they carry, for example this one shop carries Benchmade knives, full collection, and they service them on-site. Had I known that, I would have bought my benchmade from them to support the local shops

Stogies Of The Week 10:00PM-11:00PM


This segment is brought to you by MBombay Cigars. MBombay cigars represent the most admired cigar culture of Cuba. They select the best of the best quality tobacco to use in the aging process. MBombay cigars are then rolled in Costa Rica by some of the most experienced cigar rollers, giving it a unique smoking experience. The band portrays the detailed and artistic nature of our small industry. Try the MBombay Kesara , MBombay Mora, and the recently released MBombay Habano. MBombay Cigars, where the cigar is a way of life.

And by Duran Premium Cigars, one the fastest growing boutique cigar companies, providing smokers a portal into the old Cuban tradition of perfect balance and the lost art of progressive flavor construction. Roberto Pelayo Duran began his career in tobacco over two decades ago in Havana, where his reputation grew within Cuban circles. The creation of Duran Premium Cigars has given Roberto the platform to introduce a series of cigars that offer the same quality, construction, and detail, which he perfect while in Cuba. Brands include the ultra-premium Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigar series, Azan Cigars, Neya, and Baracoa. Duran Cigars uses a “seed to humidor” approach, as all tobacco is grown on their farms and rolled in their factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. Rollers have been carefully chosen, to carry out Roberto’s precise method, to insure the progressive flavor in each cigar. Duran Cigars invites you to make their premium, your standard.

The Havana Cigar Club, located in Warwick, Rhode Island its a great place to enjoy a drink and a cigar! Stogie Geeks listeners can find a $5.00 coupon on our web site by click the HCC logo.

"The founder of Defiant Whisky, Tim Ferris built the distillery, the company and the brand organically in the mountains of Western North Carolina in between deep sea commercial diving jobs. Tim will now explain a little bit about the spirit behind Defiant Whisky"

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