Episode 138

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Paul's Intro

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This week we interview Robert Caldwell. Will talks about an Avo LE 2015, we'll discuss how to prevent mold in your humidor and re-visit some Stogie Geeks favorites in the Stogies of the Week. All that and more on this edition of the Stogie Geeks Show!

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Broadcasting live from G Unit Studios in Rhode Island, its the Stogie Geeks show!

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Welcome everyone to the Stogie Geeks show, this is episode 138 for April 30, 2015 and I'm your host Paul Asadoorian. '

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On the lines via Skype from NC it Wiiiiiiiiiill Cooper!

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  • Phil is in Texas and heading to New England very soon, check with local shops...

Mold in your Humidor

Interview: Robert Caldwell

This segment is sponsored by Mr J’s Havana Smoke Shop, located here in Rhode Island, they have an outstanding selection of premium handmade cigars! Edit


  • Background on Robert


  • Journey after Wynwood: When you left Wynwood, what was going through your mind. Were you thinking of getting back into the cigar business
  • Why the Dominican Republic and Tabacalera Ventura
  • Discuss two lines - Caldwell Collection and Junior Varsity
  • Eastern Standard - discuss the Hybrid Wrapper
  • The King is Dead - discuss the Negrito Wrapper
  • Long Live the King - discuss the Corojo tobacco
  • More detail on the Junior Varsity line
  • The new "Nothing You Ever Heard of Project"
  • Yellow Cake Cigar
  • Packaging - very unique art work
  • Caldwell Cigars are red hot - why
  • Vision for the Future
  • Discuss the involvement with Lost & Found Cigar

Five Questions

  1. Three words to describe yourself
  2. If you were a serial killer, what would be your weapon of choice?
  3. If you wrote a book about yourself, what would the title be?
  4. In the popular game of ass grabby-grabby, do you prefer to go first or second?
  5. Choose two celebrities to be your parents.

Stogies Of The Week #1

This segment is brought to you by Saga Cigars, maker of the Saga Golden Age Cigar. The Golden Age is a cigar that takes you back to the classic days of cigar smoking. Through the six generations of experience by the Reyes family, the Saga Golden Age delivers a timeless blend that uses the nobility of the tobacco to bring you the perfect balance of power and flavor. It narrates better than words the history of a family's tradition in tobacco, delivering a cigar much like the ones they used to smoke in the times of Hemingway. Saga Golden Age is a full body, full flavor Dominican puro. With tobaccos from one farm, the blend features a Corojo 2006 wrapper and filler from original Cuban seeds grown in the Dominican Republic. Available in four sizes at an affordable price, the Saga Golden Age is sure to please and take you back on a journey to yesteryear. Edit

Cigar Connoisseurs are already raving about this exquisite cigar which pays homage to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of tobacco during his expedition of the New World. This medium to full-bodied cigar shows off the kind of exquisite construction expected by master blender, A.J. Fernandez. This gorgeous box press cigar features a delicious, dark, chocolate Nicaraguan wrapper that houses a blend of Ometepe, Condega and Estelí filler bound with a Jalapa binder. Once lit, the perfectly balanced and refined New World gives off a beautiful billow of smoke and hits you spice and citrus flavors . As you begin to lose yourself in the rich aromas of the New World, flavors become more complex and begin to express hints of hazelnut and coffee. New World is a first time collaboration between A. J. Fernandez and his father Ismael, making this cigar stand out in the AJ Fernandez line. To commemorate the union of father and son, A.J. Fernandez is offering you, this masterpiece at an MSRP of $6, unheard of for a cigar of this caliber. A.J. Fernandez invites you to embark on the journey and smoke what he guarantees to be one of the most talked about cigars of the year, New World - Cigar Journal’s #1 Cigar of the Year. Edit

Two Sponsor Notes

  • Saga Cigars in New England next week and in-studio
  • AJ Fernandez New World announced

Stogies Of The Week #2

And by Ocean State Cigars, try the J Grotto series cigar including the Connecticut shade Silk, the limited edition J Grotto Reserva lines, and the new J. Grotto Anniversary. Visit them on the web at www.oceanstatecigars.com for a full list of retailers near you.” Edit

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